Great things can come from taking “short cuts”

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As a carpenter I usually look for the quickest and easiest way to purchase my materials. This means I will go to one of the large companies that supplies a bit of everything and pass any extra costs on to my clients even if it means buying more materials to do the job because they can only supply standard sheet sizes or have a limited range. I have since changed my thinking after taking a short cut through the Winbourne Industrial Estate in Brookvale and noticing Bruynzeel. I had a job to start and was more then surprised at the range available that I had been told from my regular supplier was not. Even the prices were great and the best part I was able to load my goods undercover inside their warehouse (it had just started to rain)These guys really know their stuff and the storeman was unbelievable in the way he picked and sorted my order. Now I know exactly where Bruynzeel is located and the level of service I received I will now be a regular customer.

Steve Cannings Sydney , NSW February 18, 2015