Marine Plywood Suppliers In Sydney

Bruynzeel offers a wide range of top-quality marine plywoods in Sydney. If you’re looking for Plywood, just call us for a great range of choices and all the help you need with product sourcing. We can also assist with technical needs and specifications as required.

Marine-grade plywood is a premium quality product made from selected wood species based on density, impact resistance and bending strength. It is ideal for boat building and construction work that faces high levels of moisture. Normally the faces are made of mixed hardwoods and manufactured to “BS1088 Standards”. (Australian Standards AS/NZ 2272 Hoop Pine available POA)

NB: All Marine Plywood should be sealed front, back & all edges with an approved coating.

Our range of top-quality marine plywoods are available in bulk for major works and ongoing sourcing needs. Speak to our experts about your purchasing requirements and pricing to get a great deal with Bruynzeel.

Marine “Mixed Hardwood” BS1088

2440x1220x4mm: $64.00 per sheet +GST
2440x1220x6mm: $85.00
2440x1220x9mm: $110.00
2440x1220x12mm: $146.00
2440x1220x15mm: $168.00
2440x1220x18mm: $183.00
2440x1220x25mm: $255.00

(Please call our office for prices on quantity purchases)

Light Weight Gaboon (Okoume) Marine Plywood.

Gaboon Marine Plywood is manufactured to BS 1088 standard – the internationally recognised marine specification – using a WBP glue line. It is approximately 25% lighter than regular Marine Plywood.

(Please call us for the current availability of the different thicknesses)

2500x1220x4mm – $ 80.00 + GST  – Weight approx. 6.00 kg per sheet

2500x1220x6mm – $120.00 + GST– Weight approx.  9.00  kg per sheet

2500x1220x9mm –  $136.00 + GST– Weight approx. 13.4    kg per sheet

2500x1220x12mm -$176.00+GST –  Weight approx.   17.90 kg per sheet

2500x1220x18mm – $240.00 +GST – Weight approx. 26.80 kg per sheet


Other thicknesses are available upon request. Please check availability when ordering.

Contact Us for Marine Plywood

For more information about the full Bruynzeel range of top-quality marine plywood products, call us on 04 3514 4672 or contact us online. Ask our experts about product choices, ordering and bulk sourcing options. Our friendly team will be glad to provide all the support, guidance and practical advice you need.