Birch Plywood Suppliers In Sydney

Birch timber is a slow-growing species found in the snow-capped forests across most of Northern Europe, particularly in countries bordering the Baltic region. This frigid climate encourages close-grained and consistently high-quality timber. These are the properties which give birch its legendary strength and high-tensile durability.

Birch has always been a good construction timber for a vast range of uses since ancient times. Today, Birch is recognised as the premium plywood choice and is preferred by architects, designers, planners, builders and engineers for multiple design applications including commercial and domestic furniture and joinery.

Birch’s properties are highly appreciated in industries where special strength and durability of a material is required. The standard thickness of each veneer that makes up the core is approximately 1.4mm (the face and back veneer are thinner) which produces an engineered panel offering superior stability and product integrity along with a beautiful feature edge if left exposed.

Trades customers: Ask us about sourcing bulk birch plywood at great prices. Source all your needs with us and get a better deal, too.

We stock & grade our Birch A/B Grade * This has the cleanest face veneer “A” with “B” Grade backs*

2440x1220x4mm –  $ 110.00 per sheet +GST

2440x1220x6mm –  $ 142.00 per sheet +GST

2440x1220x9mm –  $166.00 per sheet +GST

2440x1220x12mm – $212.00 per sheet +GST

2440x1220x15mm – $255.00  per sheet +GST

2440x1220x18mm – $276.00 per sheet +GST

2440x1220x24mm – $352.00 per sheet +GST

2440x1220x30mm – $512.00 per sheet +GST

*We also stock 18mm BB/BB Grade – These sheets will have small  butterfly shaped patches & slight blemishes on both sides (great for that rustic look, paint finish or laminating) but still with the beautiful multi -layered edge. *Check availability 1st as this grade is in very short supply*

2440x1220x18mm – $192.00 per sheet +GST-  

Working with Birch

All our Birch plywood has one face free from patches (we call this the A side) but will have natural features such as pine knots, resin veins, etc. The backs of the sheets will also have the odd oval Birch patch (we call this the B side). The grain direction in our 2440×1220 Birch always runs the length of the sheet.

Most clients tend to clear finish the plywood to highlight the timber’s natural and varied characteristics. This finish delivers unmatched style and highlights the authentic grain appearance and beautiful multi-layered edge.

Ask Our Bruynzeel Team for Any Help You Need

To find out more about our birch plywood products, call us on 0435144672 or via email Our team will be there to help with everything you need, including practical advice about purchasing, product selection and technical issues. Talk to us about your project or business needs, we’ll be happy to assist. Better still call in at Unit 1, No 7 Clearview Place Brookvale (Off Old Pittwater Road,behind Warringah Mall)