Cut To Size

“Our cut to size service may be affected due to our machinist leaving. Please let us know your requirements and we will see if we can assist you in the interim”

Bruynzeel can make your project easier by cutting your plywood and wood panels to size (straight cuts only)  *We require basic diagram of the sheet marking where you wish the cuts to be *.Allow 3mm loss per saw cut (blade thickness). If purchasing a veneered board please allow for grain direction when doing your cutting diagram.

                       *Cutting Charges* 

The below charges also apply if you wish the sheets to be trimmed first.

*Up to 18mm in thickness $3.00 per cut +GST. *Based on 2400×1200 sheets

*Over 18mm in thickness $3.50 per cut +GST. *Based on 2400×1200 sheets

*Larger Panel POA- Subject to size and ability to fit on saw.

*Solid Core Doors $5.00 per cut +GST

*Small cutting jobs 1-3 cuts can mostly be done on the spot. *Larger jobs may need to be booked in.

Cutting hours 8.30am-3.30pm

“All goods can be loaded undercover inside our warehouse. Great for when its raining”

Please call our office  0435144672 for prices on large quantities.