Cut To Size

Bruynzeel can make your project easier by offering a basic cutting service for our stocked only items in plywood and wood panels (straight cuts only)

*Before cutting we “MUST” have a simple diagram of the sheet/s marking  where you wish the cuts to be. Please make sure your sizes fit within the sheet*

Allow a 3.2 mm loss per saw cut (blade thickness). If purchasing a veneered board please allow for grain direction when doing your cutting diagram.

                   *Cutting Charges* 

The below charges also apply if you wish the sheets to be trimmed or squared up first prior to cutting.

*Up to 18mm in thickness $3.00 per cut +GST. *Based on 2400×1200 sheets

*Over 18mm in thickness $3.50 -$4.00 per cut +GST. *Based on 2400×1200 sheets

*Solid Core Doors $5.00 per cut +GST

*Larger Panels (over 2400×1200) POA- Also subject to ability to fit on saw.

*For safety purposes each cut is done individually, we do not stack cut sheets*

*Small cutting jobs 1-3 cuts can mostly be done on the spot. *Larger jobs will need to be booked in.

                       *Cutting hours*                                                    7.45 am-12 noon then 12.45pm- 3.45pm

“All goods can be loaded undercover inside our warehouse.       Great for when its raining”

Please call our office  0435144672 or email for prices on large quantities.