Timber and LVL’s In Sydney


Bruynzeel can obtain a range of Dressed KD Radiata Pine Timber.

Radiata pine is a cost effective easy to use timber extensively used in the building and construction industry.

We can order:

  • 42×19 Finger Jointed (5.4 L/M lengths only) Primed

  • 66×18 Finger Jointed (5.4 L/M lengths only) Primed

  • 70×35 (MGP10) Framing H2   

  • 70×45 (MGP10) Framing H2   

  • 90×45 (MGP10) Framing H2   

We have access to the complete range of Radiata Pine Timbers Treated (H2 & H3) and Untreated.

Other species are available to order, please contact us for details.


Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is engineered with sheets of thin ultrasonically graded selected timber species bonded together with exterior grade adhesives to make beams which span longer distances and support heavier loads than ordinary timber.

A large range of sizes and lengths are available to order. Please contact us 0435144672 or email sales@bruynzeel.com.au for details.