MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) In Sydney

If you’re looking for MDF products in Sydney, talk to the experts at Bruynzeel. MDF is a type of board with consistent density and a perfect surface for painting, cutting, drilling and machining. MDF can be worked without fragmenting or chipping.

Uses and Advantages

This type of board has endless uses in furniture making and construction. It’s long-lasting, hard-wearing, and design-friendly. MDF can be cut to a range of different sizes and configurations, depending on your needs.

Medium density fibreboard is also for furniture panels, doors, and in most modern designs for cabinet making. Moisture resistant MDF board is commonly used in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. It’s an affordable, high-quality material for a range of interior uses.

All Bruynzeel MDF is manufactured in Australia to Australian Standards. “E0 emissions”

               Our MDF Board Range 

  • 3660x1220x3mm –     $33.50 per sheet +GST

  • 2440x1220x3mm –     $13.70

  • 3600x1200x4.75mm -$45.70

  • 2400x1200x4.75mm -$24.50

  • 3600x1800x6mm –     $79.30

  • 3600x1200x6mm –     $55.10

  • 2400x1200x6mm –     $27.80

  • 3600x1800x9mm –     $88.20

  • 3600x1200x9mm –     $66.20

  • 2700x1200x9mm –     $48.30

  • 2400x1200x9mm –    $36880

  • 3600x1800x12mm –  $95.60

  • 3600x1200x12mm –  $70.50

  • 2700x1200x12mm –  $52.50

  • 2400x1200x12mm –  $41.70

  • 3600x1800x16mm –  $117.60

  • 3600x1200x16mm –  $86.70

  • 2700x1200x16mm –  $68.30

  • 2400x1200x16mm –  $48.90

  • 3600x1800x18mm –  $136.50

  • 3600x1200x18mm –  $98.20

  • 2700x1200x18mm –  $74.60

  • 2400x1200x18mm –  $57.00

  • 3600x1200x25mm –  $136.50

  • 2700x1200x25mm –  $102.90

  • 2400x1200x25mm – $91.00

  • 3600x1200x32mm – $197.40

  • 2700x1200x32mm – $143.90

  • 2400x1200x32mm – $115.00

  • 2700x 900x 32mm – $112.00

  • 2400x1200x16mm -MR”moisture resistant” $59.20
  • 2400x1200x18mm -MR “moisture resistant”$64.00

             All prices +10% GST.

*Not all sizes listed are stocked, please check availability*

* In most cases if an item is not in stock allow 2-3 days*

*If you are after a size not listed, please ask if we can       obtain it for you.

Craftform- “Bendable MDF”

2400x1200x9mm Longcut  $196.30 sheet +GST

1200x2400x9mm Crosscut  $196.30 sheet +GST

Allow 2-3 days to order.


              “EASYCRAFT or similar”

Classic ‘V’Groove “100” MR MDF Sheets    

2400x1200x9mm   $99.00 per sheet +GST. 

2700x1200x9mm   $POA per sheet

3000x1200x9mm   $POA per sheet

3600x1200x9mm   $POA per sheet

All sheets come pre-primed ready for painting

      “Other profiles to order POA”

*Natural Timber Veneered MR MDF*

2400x1200x17mm American Oak Crown Cut MR MDF -Good 1 Side/Downgrade Backs) $139.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x17mm Tasmanian Oak Qtr Cut MR MDF-(Good 1 Side /Downgrade Backs) $196.00 per sheet +GST

*Many other veneer species available POA*



MDF Products and Services

We also provide other panel sizes and moisture resistant MDF options, which are available on request. Our team can also cut most sheets to size (see our cut to size page), with prices available on application.

Commercial Supply of MDF Products

For bulk purchases of any product in our MDF range, please call our office for prices. We can assist you with your commercial scale sourcing needs, pricing and delivery.

Call Us for Expert Service and Quality Products

Please contact us to enquire about MDF product selection, MDF board cutting services and for complete assistance with your next project. Call us on 0435144672 for friendly service and quality products.