Exterior Plywood Suppliers In Sydney

Exterior Plywood is manufactured for use in exterior applications, especially where a high-quality aesthetic finish is required. Bruynzeel has a very wide range of timber varieties, including Hoop Pine and a Mixed Hardwood species for sale. We also offer bulk purchasing options.

All plywood used outside must be coated with an approved exterior finish to all surfaces and edges. Always use light colours to help reflect the suns rays and avoid dark colours that absorb the heat and lead to the timber drying and cracking.

Due to the popularity of our quality exterior plywood products and high turnover, we recommend that you check your product selections for availability.

*Please call our office 0435144672 for prices on bulk purchases of exterior plywood and receive a great deal. You can also email sales@bruynzeel.com.au

Hoop Pine Sheets Grade B/B

Size: 2400×1200 “B” Grade Faces and “B” Backs. Made as a Paint Grade but can also be stained or clear finished depending on the look you are after. It also has an “Exterior” Glue. “AS/NZS 2269. F17 Stress Grade”


1.5mm –    $105.00 per sheet +GST (2440×1220 -ideal for bending- 3ply construction-Long grain-“B” Bond)

4mm –      $102.00 per sheet +GST

6.5mm –   $110.00 per sheet +GST

9mm –      $136.00 per sheet +GST

12mm –    $170.00 per sheet +GST

15mm –    $220.00 per sheet +GST

18mm –    $255.00 per sheet +GST

24mm –    $325.00 per sheet +GST

30mm –     POA “Subject to availability”

*Hoop Pine Exterior Grade A/C  “A” Faces “C” Backs are available on request. Please call for prices

Mixed Hardwood Species

Sheet Size: 2440×1220. Grade “B” Faces and “C” Backs. Manufactured as a painting grade due to colour variations but can also be stained. “We do not colour match these sheets”


6mm (5 ply)–  $68.00 per sheet +GST

9mm –  $86.00 per sheet +GST

12mm – $98.00 per sheet +GST

15mm – $125.00 per sheet +GST

17.5mm/18mm – $140.00 per sheet +GST

*We also stock quarter sheets in some thicknesses. See below.

1200x600x6mm   $24.00 +GST

1200x600x9mm   $29.00 +GST

1200x600x12mm  $35.00 +GST

1200x600x18mm  $41.00+GST


Jumbo Size Exterior & Interior Plywood

This quality B/BB grade plywood is manufactured specifically for jobs that require a larger-than-normal sheet size. These sheets are made for a paint finish but can also lend themselves to a clear or stain finish. Made from European Poplar (Ivory white in colour) the sheets are light in weight approximately 420kg/m3

3050x1535x3.6mm – $116.00 per sheet +GST   Has a “MR”Moisture Resistant Glue -Mixed Hardwood Species.

3100x1530x25mm – $546.00 per sheet +GST-  Grade B/BB “B Bond” Exterior Glue.  Poplar Species

3100x1530x18mm – $468.00 per sheet +GST- Grade B/BB “B Bond” Exterior  Glue. Poplar Species

3100x1530x12mm –  $351.00 per sheet +GST – Grade B/BB  “B Bond” Exterior Glue. Poplar Species


  • Also available to order “Group 2 Fire Rated Plywood” POA

Other panel sizes & thicknesses are available on request. POA


“E-Lite” Exterior Plywood – very lightweight plywood ideal for campervan & caravan fit-outs.

2440x1220x9mm  $112.00 per sheet  + GST – Approximately 9kg per sheet- Stock item

2440x1220x12mm $158.00 per sheet +GST – Approximately 12kg per sheet- Stock item

2440x1220x15mm $175.00 per sheet +GST – Approximately  15kg per sheet- Not stocked 2-3 days

2440x1220x18mm $194.00 per sheet +GST- Approximately  18kg per sheet – Stock item

*Mixed Hardwood Faces with lightweight cores*


Ask Our Team

If you would like to inquire about the Bruynzeel spectrum of high-quality exterior plywood products, call 04 3514 4672  today. Our team are your instant experts whenever you want help with product choices, technical information or practical solutions. You can also email us at  sales@bruynzeel.com.au or visit our warehouse Unit 1, No 7 Clearview Place Brookvale (Behind Warringah Mall) 7.30am-4.30pm Mon -Friday- All welcome.