Doors “Solid Core Blockboard” In Sydney

Bruynzeel can supply to order a range of Solid Core Blockboard Exterior Doors in Pre-primed Hardboard suitable for a paint finish. Also available in a raw plywood suitable for painting-staining POA.

Sizes available:

  • 2040x820x35mm   $115.00  +GST
  • 2100x920x35mm    $149.00 +GST
  • 2100x1200x35mm  $189.00 +GST
  • 2400x920x35mm    $189.00 +GST
  • 2400x1200x35mm  $215.00 +GST
  • 2040x820x40mm    $128.00 +GST
  • 2100x920x40mm     $155.00 +GST
  • 2400x920x40mm     $198.00 +GST
  • 2100x1200x40mm   $198.00 +GST
  • 2400x1200x40mm   $229.00+GST

Special sizes and veneers are available on request. Please call for prices on all doors.

The full range of Corinthian Entry and Interior doors are available to order at extremely competitive prices – please contact us for more information.