Plywood Sheeting Products In Sydney

We pride ourselves on being a leading specialist plywood distributor. We source our materials both locally and from overseas, using sustainable managed natural resources.

Plywood is a versatile, adaptable form of layered timber that provides many different solutions in the construction industry.


Marine Plywood

Marine Grade Plywood is a premium quality product made from selected wood species based on density, impact resistance and bending strength. It is ideal for boat building and construction work that faces high levels of moisture. Normally the faces are a mixed Hardwood and made to BS1088 Standards. (Australian Standards AS/NZ 2272 Hoop Pine to order POA) *See pricing on our separate page under Plywood*

Light Weight Gaboon (Okoume) Marine Plywood

Gaboon Marine Plywood is manufactured to BS 1088 Standard – the internationally recognized marine specification – using a WBP glue line. It is approximately 25% lighter than regular Marine Plywood.                                                 *See pricing on our separate page under Plywood*

Exterior Plywood

Exterior Plywood is manufactured for use in exterior applications, especially where a high-quality aesthetic finish is required. We stock varieties such as Hoop Pine and a Mixed Hardwood Species.

*All plywood used outside must be coated with an approved exterior finish to all surfaces and edges* Always use light colours to reflect the heat and avoid dark colours that absorb the heat and lead to the timber drying and cracking.

Jumbo Size Exterior & Interior Plywood.

This quality exterior & interior B/BB grade plywood is manufactured specifically for jobs that require a larger than normal sheet size. These sheets are manufactured as a painting grade but can also be cleared finished or stained depending on the look you are after. *See pricing on our separate page under Plywood*

Birch Plywood

Birch timber is a slow growing species found in the snow capped forests across Russia and most of Northern Europe in particular countries bordering the Baltic region. This frigid climate encourages close grained and consistent high quality timber. Made to European standards, today Birch is recognised as the premium plywood choice and is preferred by Architects, Designers, Planners, Builders and Engineers for multiple design applications including commercial and domestic furniture and joinery. Birch’s properties are highly appreciated in industries where special strength and durability of a material is required. The standard thickness of each veneer that makes up the core is 1.4mm which produces a highly engineered panel offering superior stability and product integrity along with a beautiful featured multi-layered edge if left exposed.

* All our Birch Plywood has 1 face free from patches (we call this the A side) but will have natural features such as pin knots, resin veins etc. The backs of the sheets will also have the odd Birch patch (we call this the B side) The grain   direction in our Birch always runs the length of the sheet. Most clients tend to clear finish the plywood to highlight the timbers natural and varied characteristics including the multi-layered edges.

*For pricing on Birch see our separate page under *Birch*

Formwork Plywood

“Formply” is made of a high-density overlay paper bonded to plywood. This overlay helps protect the face veneer and provides a sound surface for poured concrete. This product carries a structural rating and in most cases the faces are stamped as such.

We stock:

2400x1200x9mm –  $76.00 per sheet +GST- Subject to availability- Brown in colour

2400x1200x12mm-  $96.00 per sheet +GST – Black in colour

2400x1200x17mm – $98.00 per sheet +GST –  Black in colour

2400x1200x25mm – $145.00 per sheet +GST – Black in colour

1800x1200x17mm –  $78.00 per sheet +GST *Not stocked 2-3 days to order in* – Black in colour

*Please call our office for prices on quantity purchases*

Birch Multi-Layered Black Formply “F17”

2400x1200x17.5mm- Black in colour with a multi-layered feature edge once sheets are trimmed. Often used in joinery work for that industrial look in kitchens, cafes, furniture etc.

$146.00 per sheet +GST- “Currently out of stock with no ETA due to war in Ukraine”

Film Faced Plywood

This product is similar in appearance to the Formply but carries No Structural Rating. (Often used for cabinetry work, shelving etc)

2400x1200x17mm Only $84.00 per sheet +GST- Black in colour.

*Please call our office for prices on quantity purchase*

Slip Resistant Plywood

Slip resistant plywood is perfect for high traffic areas where safety is paramount. Similar in appearance to Formply but with a Hex angle pattern on one side to reduce slip.

2400x1200x17mm $136.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x12mm $122.70 per sheet +GST

Black / White Melamine Plywood (Lightweight Core)

2400x1200x16mm White Stipple Finish (2 Sides) Plywood  $125.00 per sheet +GST (Approx 26kgs per sheet)

2400x1200x16mm Black Stipple Finish (2 Sides) Plywood   $125.00 per sheet +GST (Approx 26kgs per sheet )

*Ideal for van, caravan & motor home fitouts where keeping the weight down is a key factor*

Other colours & Woodgrain finishes available to order POA


C-D Radiata Pine Non-Structural Plywood

This is a non-appearance grade, non-structural plywood bonded together using an exterior glue. Its versatile nature makes it ideal for the building and construction industry. Also available with a structural rating.

We Stock.

2400x1200x3mm B-C (B Grade face- C Grade back) Interior Grade Radiata Pine $42.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x4mm        $30.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x7mm         $35.00     ”           “

2400x1200x9mm         $42.00      ”          “

2400x1200x12mm       $5200      ”          “

2400x1200x15mm        $63.00     ”          “

2400x1200x17/18mm  $67.00      ”          “

2400x1200x19mm **    $84.00      ”         “

2400x1200x25mm        $102.00      ”          “

**Not stocked– normally 2 days to order in.

C-D “Hardwood” Structural “A Bond” Plywood ” *New product*

2400x1200x7mm          $42.00 per sheet +GST  This thickness is Structurally Rated “F11”

2400x1200x9.5mm       $53.00  ”     ”       ”            This thickness is Structurally Rated “F11”

2400x1200x12mm        $58.00  ”     ”       ”            This thickness is Structurally Rated “F11”

2400x1200x17.5mm     $85.00  ”     ”       ”            This thickness is Structurally Rated “F11”

2400x1200x25mm        $105.00 ”    ”      ”             Non-Structural

*Other thicknesses available to order in “F11” Structural Grade*

The above plywood is sourced from the finest eucalyptus plantations (renewable source)

Density- Approximately 630 kg m3


– Structural C-D Radiata Pine Plywood –

*Some thicknesses available with a “B” Grade Face- Great if you need to stain or clear finish.

2400x1200x12mm      Structural C-D -$64.00 per sheet +GST    ” B-D Grade $82.00 per sheet +GST 

2400x1200x15mm       Structural C-D -$76.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x17/18mm Structural C-D -$90.00 per sheet +GST     B-D Grade $115.00 per sheet +GST 

2400x1200x19mm       Structural C-D -$104.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x25mm       Structural C-D -$138.00 per sheet +GST   “B-D Grade $181.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x32mm       Structural C-D -$192.00 per sheet +GST

2700x1200x12mm      Structural C-D -$99.00 per sheet +GST

2700x1200x19mm       Structural C-D – $137.00 per sheet +GST

*Some thicknesses in the Structural grade are not kept in stock, but are usually available within 2 days. Please check with us before ordering *

*Other thicknesses available to order*

*Please call our office for prices on quantity purchases*

T&G Structural Plywood Flooring

Radiata Pine sheet flooring is used in both residential and commercial developments because of its strong and durable quality. It is available in a range of thicknesses for both structural and non-structural applications.

2400x1200x12mm   $85.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x15mm   $88.00 per sheet +GST

2700x1200x15mm   $131.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x17mm   $107.00 per sheet +GST

2700x1200x17mm   $155.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x19mm  $120.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x21mm  $132.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x25mm  $159.00 per sheet +GST

*These sheets normally take 2-3 days to order in*

Teak Exterior Plywood

This timber is renowned for its unsurpassed durability and it has been the choice of boat builders for more than 100 years. It is ideal for outdoor use and the marine environment.

2400x1200x2.5mm “Made to order” $674.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x4.6mm  “Made to order” $690.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x7mm      “Made to order” $700.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x10mm   “Made to order” $704.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x13mm   “Made to order” $722.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x16mm   “Made to order” $737.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x19mm   “Made to order” $770.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x26mm  “Made to order”  $850.00 per sheet +GST

*Single sheet orders of the Teak Plywood will be subject to a manufactures freight charge to ourselves of $60.00 +GST

*The above sheets are made to order. Please allow approximately 10-12 working days

*Available Quarter cut or Crown cut*

These are sold as Good 1 Side with Downgraded Teak Backs. (Good 2 sides POA)

Teak & Ash (Mersawa) Exterior Plywood- Boat Decking.

2400x1200x5mm   $969.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x7mm   $982.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x10mm $1008.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x13mm $1045.00 per sheet +GST

2400x1200x16mm $1064.00 per sheet +GST

Good 1 Side Only

*Single sheet orders of the Teak & Ash will be subject to a manufactures freight charge to ourselves of $60.00 +GST

*Other thicknesses POA

*The above sheets are made to order. Allow approximately 10-12 working days.

*Prices on Teak are subject to change without notice*

*10 sheet +POA*


Bamboo Plywood

Bruynzeel are distributors of LETO Bamboo Plywood. Please refer to to select a type and then call us for a price and availability.

* All the Bamboo Plywood is brought up from Victoria against order and is subject to freight charges*

Bending Plywood

This range is manufactured for jobs that require plywood to bend around a tight radius. Bruynzeel’s selection contains a wide variety of panels in different thicknesses (1.5mm- 2mm- 4mm- 5mm & 6mm) and grain directions.

Please call our office for more details and prices.

Lauan Plywood

An interior mixed hardwood plywood made using “C” bond glue. Face grades may vary in colour and grain and are suited to a paint finish or dark stain.

We Stock:

2440x1220x3.6mm – $38.00 per sheet +GST

3050x1220x3.6mm – Subject to availability. POA

Fancy Veneered Plywood

We have access to an extensive range of natural timber veneers that can be pressed onto plywood of almost any thickness. For pricing details, please phone our office 0435144672 or call into our warehouse and make a selection from our veneer sample books.

Shadowclad (Grooved & Ungrooved)

Shadowclad is an exterior structural plywood that works as an all-in-one decorative cladding and bracing material. It’s available in a textured finish and is treated with a preservative to provide long-term protection against decay.

Sizes available:

2440x1216x12mm – $191.00 per sheet +GST (Unprimed)   *Primed $223.00 per sheet +GST

2745x1216x12mm – $218.00  per sheet +GST (Unprimed)  *Primed $253.00 per sheet +GST

*Please call our office for prices on quantity purchases*

This product is now available for Interior use. “No external treatment odour”

Wall and Ceiling Panels

We can supply a Radiata Pine plywood with grooves spaced 100mm apart running down the length of the sheets, giving a similar effect to v’ jointed lining boards. These sheets come in their natural state with a “B” Grade face veneer and can be painted or stained. They’re also manufactured with a marine glue, making them ideal for areas with a high moisture content.

Available to order are the sizes below. Allow 2-3 days

2400x1200x12mm T&G    – POA

2700x1200x12mm T&G    – POA

2400x1200x9mm  “Square Edge” – POA

White Polyester Plywood

This plywood is overlaid with an attractive white polyester coating, giving it greater resistance to decay & easy to keep clean. It’s ideal for wall and ceiling linings in your home, boat, caravan and more.

We stock:

2440x1220x3.6mm – Gloss Finish  $62.70per sheet +GST *

2440x1220x3.6mm – Matt Finish   $75.00 per sheet +GST

Contact Us to Learn More

Please contact us for more details or any help you need with product selection. Phone us on 04 3514 4672 or email for superior products and friendly service.

                               *Important information*

Plywood is a natural wood product that can be affected by fluctuating air & weather conditions which can cause the sheets to cup or bow. This is particularly important to remember for non-fastened cabinet doors. Plywood should also be sealed front, back and all edges.