Bruynzeel Australia Pty. Ltd

Melamine Boards and Laminates

We supply an extensive range of melamine coated boards and matching edgings in plain colours, wood grains and patterns, sourced from all the major manufactures.

Bruynzeel also supplies a comprehensive range of sheet laminate (Formica, Laminex, Max, Wilson Art etc.) in a wide variety of sizes, colours and finishes.

White Boards

Bruynzeel stocks a range of White Board (white melamine on moisture resistant particleboard and MDF), used extensively in the cabinet making trade.

We stock:
  • 2400x1200x12mm and 16mm on Moisture Resistant Particleboard
  • 2400x1200x16mm and 18mm on Moisture Resistant MDF

Other thicknesses and panel sizes are available on request.

Whiteboard Shelving

A low cost panel for applications where a white finish is desired. Eliminates the need for painting or finishing and is coated both sides and one long edge.

Stocked sizes:
  • 2400x595x16mm
  • 2400x445x16mm
  • 2400x295x16mm
  • 1800x295x16mm

White MDF Backing Board

A thin white coated (1 side) MDF ideal for the backs of built in robes, cupboards and drawer bottoms.

We stock:
  • 2440x1220x3mm

Black Melamine Boards

Bruynzeel carries a range of black Melamine Boards in both moisture resistant Particleboard and MDF.

We stock:
  • 2400x1200x16mm

Other thicknesses and panel sizes are available on request.